(Upload Your Videos, Messages, Posters, Photos, etc.)

·         A school as an institution or its school children individually can both participate in the campaign.

·         Schools – as centers for learning can highlight how they are inspiring the young. This will be a good opportunity for a school to brand itself   as a change maker school, and also its multifarious activities for overall development of its students.

·         School children (9th -12th Standard only) can present what they think is equality? And what they can do or are doing? Or what influences or inspires them? Or what they think can be done to promote equality including gender equality?

·         The medium that both school and school children can use to participate in the campaign: can be through sharing of videos; messages; posters and any other creative work in line with the campaign objective i.e. promoting equality including gender equality.

·         Individual students can submit their work to their respective school coordinators and each school can select maximum five (5) best creative work as their entries (the entries include school entry as well).

·         The School Coordinator shall send the entries to the campaign organizers. The 5 entries received will be uploaded on the campaign portal for public viewing.  Entries can be sent until 25 February 2020.

·         The best three entries (both in the category of schools and individual student) shall receive a commendation from the campaign organizers at the closing of the event on 8 March 2020.